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The North Central Florida YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. The YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who fails to comply with safety protocols, policies, and procedures that are in place to protect the health and well-being of all.



All members, participants, volunteers, and guests MUST check in at the Welcome Center every time they visit the YMCA. We expect everyone using the YMCA to act maturely, behave responsibly, and respect the rights and dignity of others. Below is a list of prohibited actions, but the actions listed below are not an all-inclusive list of behaviors considered inappropriate in our facilities or programs.
  • Carrying or concealing a weapon or any device or object that may be used as a weapon on YMCA property or at YMCA programs
  • Using or possessing alcohol or illegal substances on YMCA property or at YMCA programs
  • Smoking at the Y – the YMCA, and its property, is a smoke-free environment
  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behavior
  • Physical contact with another person in an angry, aggressive or threatening way
  • Verbally abusive behavior, including angry or vulgar language, swearing, name-calling, or shouting
  • Sexually explicit conversation or behavior; any sexual contact with another person
  • Inappropriate, immodest, or sexually revealing attire
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction or loss of property
  • Loitering within or on the grounds of the YMCA
The YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been accused or convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse, is or has been a registered sex offender, has ever been convicted of any offense relating to the use, sale, possession, or transportation of narcotics or habit forming and/or dangerous drugs, or is presently or habitually under the influence of dangerous drugs or chemicals, narcotics or intoxicating beverages.